We believe sustainability goes beyond packaging, for us at FLYY BOD. we only use Australian suppliers because we know how important it is to sustain our own economy.


Here at FLYY BOD, we pride ourselves on not only looking after your face and body, but looking after the environment (while looking hella hydrated) at the same time!

We care about our relationship with the environment just as much as we care about our products. At FLYY BOD we're passionate about catering towards the needs for our on-the-go and busy customers, while keeping things compact and easy for our jet-setters of the world.

All of our products are formulated and manufactured in Australia, which means that we’re looking after our own and continuing the chain reaction of buying from Australian suppliers.

Those vibrant little bottles are 40% biodegradable and the cute lil tubes of goodness are 40% recycled. To top it all off, our shipping packaging is all compostable and recyclable – this starts from the mailer bag that you receive your goodies in, right to the tissue paper that the products are so delicately wrapped in!

For us at FLYY BOD, we take sustainability just as serious as our products – this means that we only use Australian suppliers and manufacturers with the same values and vision as we do.

Our commitment to keep improving on ways we can keep contributing to a more sustainable brand and future is strong.